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Guidelines for retro-fitting buoyancy to older rowing boats

Many people have been asking us for advice on how best to go about the process of retro-fitting older boats to meet safe buoyancy standards. Boat designer Carl Douglas has kindly given us permission to publish a piece written by him, originally a posting on the newsgroup rec.sport.rowing.

Robin Dickinson and colleagues at Dundee University Boat Club have now completed retrofitting their non buoyant boats. This article is taken from Robin's posting on the rec.sport.rowing newsgroup in March 2007 and is reproduced here with his permission. This article should be read alongside Carl's excellent advice. Robin stresses the need for thorough surface preparation and he comments that retrofitting a few boats can be done with hand tools over a weekend. He also includes details of what the job cost.

Any other contributions, such as useful tips and practical experience, are gladly welcomed, so please e-mail us, and we will add them to this page.

Download the documents

Carl Douglas - Buoyancy Retro-fitting Guidelines (ENG) (38KB - MS Word)

Carl Douglas - Buoyancy Retro-fitting Guidelines (ENG) (87KB - Adobe PDF)

Dundee University Boat Club - Buoyancy Retro-fitting experiences (ENG) (28KB - MS Word)

Dundee University Boat Club - Buoyancy Retro-fitting experiences (ENG) (69KB - Adobe PDF)

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