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Details of incident 82

Swamping record

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Date September 2000
Location South coast Champs. UK
Water Temperature  
Boat(s) involved 4+
Boat Construction Janousek
Outcome Janousek swamped, rowed slowly to safety. Race abandoned. 
Description held on the river at Appledore in September 2000, by mid-afternoon the direction of the wind and tide made the last 700m of the course treacherous. My 4 - rowing for Shoreham in one of the 1st and 3rd 4+s - was swamped as we crossed the finish line. About 1 - 2cm of the sideboards were still above the water, the rest of the boat was entirely full of water (luckily quite mild as it was a September summer's day)

We were able to row, very slowly, back to shallower water where we jumped out, bailed, and carried the boat off the water. The regatta was abandoned. I am fairly sure that another boat in the race before actually sank. I am also aware that the fact we were in a Janousek was probably a key factor in keeping our riggers above the water. I never felt in any real danger, more just alarmed about the boat, annoyed that we had lost, and concerned for the cox. I think the safety boat was helping people in a worse state than us, but had an eye on us as well.

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