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Details of incident 74

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Date June 2001
Location Lowerrhine (Nederrijn), The Netherlands, Km 903
Water Temperature +/- 18 degr.C
Boat(s) involved Two C4+ touring boats
Boat Construction Wood and open, no extra buoyancy measures taken or obligated for this race
Outcome Rescue boat present at the race location. Both crews rescued at once. 
Description Two boats sinking in the same race due to waves cause by barge

Boat type C4+ (Touring Boat)

Water conditions: River Lower Rhine (Nederrijn), km 903.

No wind, sunny, 20 degr.C., water temperature 18 degr.C.

Reason of sinking: In both cases no anticipation of coxes on waves caused by barge. Waves filled up the boat. Boats sunk immediately.

Reason of lacking of anticipation of coxes: Unfamiliarity of the possible combination of conditions of river stream and waves (no local coxes).
you can see that without a crew the boats are already nearly under water.

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